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Summarized by Dr. Dave Albin


"Broiler production, or the raising of chickens for meat, has seen enormous advances in overall productivity and efficiency over the past few decades. A large part of this can be attributed to genetic selection, as discussed here1. Modern broilers are roughly three times as efficient at converting feed into breast meat tissue compared to birds used in the 1950’s.  As a result, the birds are much larger now at the same age and when fed the same diet (compared to older genetic varieties), and the entire industry is vastly more productive. Finally, consumers eat more chicken now than ever before, in part due to the ubiquitousness of the meat, and the resulting lower prices. Indeed, globally, more than 60 billion chickens are processed for food every year2." - Dr. Dave Albin, Iowa State Broiler White Paper

In 2020, Iowa State University Department of Animal Science & Dr. Elizabeth Bobeck with Iowa State University conducted a study on broiler chicken diets relating to broiler weight & health production. This study was conducted using dry extruded corn & ExPress®, ground corn & ExPress®,  dry extruded corn & solvent meal, and then solvent meal & ground corn, as comparatives. Click 'read more' to learn about how ExPress® soybean meal increased broiler market readiness while also decreasing feed intake. 

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