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Summarized by Dr. Dave Albin


"There is a tendency, when formulating diets for animal production, to focus on diet costs. The cost of feeding animals is ongoing and can consume 70-90% of the total costs of production. 

Can the right feed increase revenue, without compromising animal performance?

We recently concluded a study at Pennsylvania State University to assess improved commodity ground corn on milk production1. Our high-shear dry extrusion process was adapted to allow cooked, shaped corn production2; this corn contains starch that’s readily broken down in rumen; suitable for enhancing microbial protein and providing energy for milk production3."

- Dr Dave Albin, Penn State Dairy White Paper

In 2021, Penn State University Department of Animal Science & Dr. Kevin Harvatine with Penn State University conducted a study on dairy cow diets relating to dairy cow milk production. This study was conducted using dry extruded corn & ExPress®, steam flaked corn & ExPress®, and dry extruded corn & canola meal, as a comparative. Click 'read more' to learn about how ExPress® soybean meal increased dairy cow milk production while also decreasing feed intake. 

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