Maximize Growth Performance in Broilers

Recently, we worked with Iowa State University to determine how the use of high-shear dry extruded corn, high-shear dry extruded/partially-de-oiled (ExPress┬«) soy meal, used alone with the commodity version of the other ingredient, or fed together in combination, affected growth performance of Ross broilers.  The diets were balanced for the nutrient requirements of the birds and fed in three phases (starter, grower, finisher). Some important benefits discussed are:

  • 12.4% greater feed intake; 12.9% greater body weight gain; and an improvement of more than 0.5% in feed conversion ratio. (ExPress┬« + extruded corn vs. SBM + ground corn)
  • Market weight achieved 4.8 days quicker than competitors while consuming about 12 fewer grams of total feed. (ExPress┬« + extruded corn vs. SBM + ground corn)
  • With dry extruded corn vs. ground corn, birds required 2.4 fewer days to market
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